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Exness Singapore is a unique brokerage company with a ten-year history. Over the past few years, the popularity of the website has almost doubled. The money earned in the last quarter is enormous. In 2019 alone, the resource traders' fees amounted to 326 billion dollars. Significant sums are great opportunities. So the broker is top-rated in Singapore. Two main reasons are mega convenient Forex Market and modern analytical functionality. 

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As in many international brokers, Exness Asia has a loyal principle of buying different accounts. Users can choose between three accounts. Their liquidity is determined on a private basis. Most transactions on the site are significant, i.e. a client with big ambitions will also be able to find profitable shares or other offers. 

This material will help traders from Singapore to learn more about broker Exness and decide on the choice of their provider. 

Singapore Exness broker license and guarantees 

Best Forex broker Exness was founded in 2008. Like all other startups, at first, the platform's positions were low, but low commissions and advantageous conditions in just ten years made Exness Singapore the best site for trading. Modern traders choose this broker all the time. 

Only in 2019 the number of daily active users exceeded 70 thousand people and taking into account changes in the world Forex Market and other areas, now the activity through the website is carried out by twice as many clients. 

The license was issued to Exness broker by FSA Nymstar Limited, a securities dealer. The license number is SD025. The highest authorities regulate the resource, so each regular client can be sure that Exness is working officially and provides legal services. The price of shares is also not artificially increased. 

Each account can conduct internal analytics and use international information services, access to which is provided by the broker. 

Forex Market at Exness 

Exness Forex is the most liquid and popular section of the site. Currencies are volatile, so many professional traders are opening their deposits precisely because of this area. Customer feedback about it is as positive as possible. However, the main reason for its popularity is low spreads. At Exness spreads are minimal, so you do not need to overpay for commission. That saves hundreds of dollars a month. 

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Trading conditions at Exness Asia 

Averages. Buy and sell price or commission is very important to determine website loyalty. Traders can view net statistics on the main Exness address. You do not need to login to your account or sign up for a new deposit in the system. It is enough to open the provider section "About the company" and see scans of all documents. 

Technical functionality is one more big plus of the resource. An indicator of this is a large number of trading tools that help to carry out analytics, read relevant news and calculate the price for the product that a trader is interested in. The main trading instrument is MetaTrader 4. It is now available in the updated version 5. All trading is conducted through it. This application has the best feedback from real clients of Exness Singapore.